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Project Management Professional PMP®

The Project Management Institute PMI is with more than 700,000 members the leading not-for-profit professional association for project management. The Project Management Professional PMP® certification is the internationally best known certification in Project Management today.

SGO Business School is a PMI Registered Education Provider.


As certified Project Management Professional PMP® you hold a worldwide recognized title which accounts for your competence in project management.

Project Management Professionals:

  • are able to take over a key role in their project management team
  • are in charge of all types of projects and strategic initiatives which they plan, control and manage in a professional manner
  • develop company internal methods, processes and techniques.

Customized Preparatory Training with SGO Business School:

To prepare you for the PMP® Exam we offer a course consisting of three modules. All modules provide practical relevance. Depending on your previous practical and theoretical knowledge you are able to trim your preparation time to fit your schedule.

A crucial feature of the PMP® training at SGO Business School is that in the first two seminars (“Essentials of Project Management” and “PMI Tools and Techniques”, 3 days each) we don't only learn the PMI terms but immediately start transferring the PMI processes onto currently ongoing projects of the participants. This means that the selected projects get valuable inputs from the other participants and from our PMP® trainer. After six days participants are familiar with the proper wording and PMI processes – explained and transferred onto real projects.

The third seminar (“PMP® Exam Preparation”, 2 days) then focusses on the PMP® examination.


  • approx. 3 months (including preparatory course)
  • Individual examination dates are scheduled directly at the testing center after registration at


  • Participants in the entire three-module course get an overall preparation for the PMP® examination. You are acquainted with all knowledge areas and processes of the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK.
  • You are best prepared to pass the multiple-choice examination successfully.
  • Our PMP® certified trainer supports you in the application process and gives you all relevant information on the application process and examination.

The seminar provides the 35 hours of project management education required for the application.

Requirements for the PMP® certification:

In order to be admitted to the PMP® examination you need to register at Depending on your educational background you need 4500 or 7500 hours of project management experience within the last eight consecutive years prior to the application submission.

With a secondary degree (high school diploma or equivalent) you need:

  • Five years of project management experience with 7,500 hours leading and directing project tasks
  • 35 contact hours of formal project management education

OR with a bachelor's degree (or global equivalent) you need:

  • Three years of project management experience, with 4,500 hours leading and directing project tasks
  • 35 contact hours of formal project management education

Target groups:

  • Project leaders and sub-project leaders
  • Project management practitioners

PMP® Examination:

Detailed information on eligibility requirements, application process and exam can be found in the PMP® handbook at
To obtain a credential as PMP® , individuals must pass an examination consisting of multiple choice questions based on the "Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK".

  • The computer-based exam lasts 4 hours and is comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions. 
  • The PMP® examination has to be taken in English, German language aids are available.
  • In Switzerland candidates can take the exam at the Prometric Testing Center in Geneva.

PMP® credential fees:

Members US$ 405
Nonmembers US$ 555

Once you are PMP® - Credential maintenance:

3 years
Individuals are required to earn and report 60 professional development units (PDUs) within a three-year cycle.

PMP® - in-house training with SGO Business School:

If your organization intends to improve the project management has six or more project managers to train we offer in-house PMP® training. SGO Business School is willing to customize the PMP® training to a certain degree. Please contact us for more information.


Ich bin Ansprechpartnerin für folgende Studienangebote:

  • Projektmanagement
  • Business Analyse
  • Business Engineer

Für Fragen rund um die Aus- und Weiterbildung in den oben
genannten Bereichen steht Ihnen Frau Frei gerne per Mail
oder am Telefon zur Verfügung.

Tel.: +41 44 809 11 51


Als Senior Produktmanagerin der SGO Business School bin ich für die Bereiche Business Analysis und Projektmanagement mitverantwortlich. Zu meinen wichtigsten Aufgaben gehören die Betreuung und Beratung unserer Kunden, Planung und Betreuung der Seminare und Lehrgänge sowie deren Vermarktung.

Seit 2012 bin ich bei der SGO Business School tätig, direkt nach meinem Abschluss als Organisatorin mit eidg. FA. Davor war ich viele Jahre in fast ebenso vielen Funktionen in der Hotellerie und Gastronomie. Da Weiterbildung auch für mich persönlich wichtig ist, habe ich nach dem Fachausweis auch das IPMA Level D und den Produktmanager SGO-CAS abgeschlossen. Zur Zeit bin ich an einem Nachdiplomstudium als Betriebsökonomin. In meiner Freizeit gehe ich gerne in Group Fitness-Stunden und im Winter trifft man mich auf den Skipisten an.

Prospekt / Datenblatt: Projektmanagement

«Projektmanagement liegt mir am Herzen, weil dabei einzigartige Menschen gemeinsam an einzigartigen Themen zielorientiert arbeiten und lernen.»

Mathematiker und Betriebswirt, Erfahrungen in Projekt und Linie, Leiter Konzernberichtwesen, Leiter Organisation und Datenverarbeitung; seit 1993 mit dem Thema Projektmanagement bei ibo und seit 1999 Fachkoordinator Projektmanagement.

Mathematician and Economist, experienced in projects and leading positions, head of consolidated companies reporting, head of organisation and data processing; since 1993 Trainer in Project Management at ibo (Germany).

“Die Zeit verwandelt uns nicht, sie entfaltet uns nur”. Max Frisch

During my professional career I had been working

  • both with start-ups as well as with established companies in Financial Industry
  • in Asia, East and West Europe
  • as Internal Manager and as well as External Consultant.

I enjoy working in a multi-cultural environment and embrace exciting opportunities projects bring in my life:

  • both professionally and personally.

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to share my experience and help others to find their path in project management Universe.

Project Management Professional PMP

21. Seminar (Language: English)

in Glattbrugg
Starttermin: 04.09.2017
Preis: CHF 5500 bzw. CHF 4950 (Frühbucher bis 07.08.2017)
Project Management Professional PMP
21. Seminar (Language: English)
04.09.2017 08:45 -
06.09.2017 17:00
Essentials of Project Management
02.10.2017 08:45 -
04.10.2017 17:00
PMI Tools and Techniques
25.10.2017 08:45 -
26.10.2017 17:00
PMP Exam Preparation

Project Management Professional PMP

22. Seminar Language: English)

in Olten
Starttermin: 09.11.2017
Preis: CHF 5500 bzw. CHF 4950 (Frühbucher bis 12.10.2017)
Project Management Professional PMP
22. Seminar Language: English)
09.11.2017 08:45 -
11.11.2017 17:00
Essentials of Project Management
07.12.2017 08:45 -
09.12.2017 17:00
PMI Tools and Techniques
11.01.2018 08:45 -
12.01.2018 17:00
PMP Exam Preparation